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Blogging Portals

There are many Blogging Portals present on the Internet. Some Notable ones are as follows :

  1. Word Press
  2. Blogger (Blog Spot)
  3. Type Pad
  4. Live Journal
  5. Movable Type

These Blog Portals are Further Divided into Paid & Unpaid Blogs. Blogger (Blog Spot) & Word Press are Free Blogging Sites. Word Press is a great option for advanced bloggers who want their Blog Posts to be fully customized. However, for this extra feature the user is entitled to pay a minimal fee. The User can even host his Blog on a third-party website Using Word Press on Gator Host or 1and1. On the other side, Blogger comes from Google which is on par with the the latest plug-ins available on spot. There is no surprise as Blogger comes free of cost as the other products by Google.
Type Pad is for users with the least technical knowledge and want their Blog Posts to look much more attractive than others and are willing to pay for it, Typed Pad is the the most appropriate choice. Type Pad is a Blogging Interface with a high reputation and an easy to use Interface. Although, your Blog will not be hosted on a third party website as such but the Ease of use copes up with the loss. If a User wants his Blog to have a Social Network like feeling added to it and want their posts to be syndicated, then be aware of Live Journal. It is a paid blogging site. The only lowdown on this portal is the advertisement parade the site has. The Fact that even a Plus ( Paid ) account displays unwanted ads.
Now is the Time to Announce the Portal which in the author’s opinion is the best in this Business (Paid). It Has to be the Movable Type. It manages to keep all types of its users happy. Apparently written in PERL Programming Language, this portal has outgrown itself and how ? Movable Type offers a free self-hosted package to advanced users with all the latest possible configurations as well as a service for people who would like to host their Blog for free. It even allows users to publish innumerable Content Pages. The Most Read Blogs are from Movable Type. Be it Huffington Post, Power Line Blog or Boing Boing.

Other Blog Portals worth Mentioning are as follows :-

  1. Drupal
  2. Xanga
  3. Text Pattern
  4. TriPod
  5. Square Space

Some Tips For Advanced as well as new users :-

  1. Stay On Topic :- Always speak about what your Title really suggests.
  2. Do not post Irrelevant stuff :- Never post stuff which has pornographic content or a malicious link attached to it.
  3. Always have a Balanced Equation Between Textual Matter and Images. Too much Text often turns people away from your Blog.
  4. Check whether there are any Spelling Mistakes on your Posts. You will never want to irk readers with Spelling Mistakes.