Parallax (One Page) Websites & SEO In 2015

This is an answer to a question I received on Facebook. Designing your website around the outcome you want to have with your visitors is paramount. Don’t concern yourself with what is “popular” just do what is best for your customers!

Sean Burrows is Managing Director of Enliven Group, and comes from a background in interactive media consulting, web-based public relations, and search engine optimization & marketing.

He is a regular speaker at various college campuses, conventions, and private events around the United States.

In 2005, Mr. Burrows co-founded Enliven Group, an interactive media consulting firm that manages comprehensive online marketing and public relations campaigns.

Sean’s experience has taught him that the real gurus are business owners themselves. They are the experts, they are the ones in the trenches each day, and marketing agencies aren’t always the wisest choice for large or small companies.

“Wall Street is the only place that people ride to in a Rolls Royce to get advice from those who take the subway.” –Warren Buffett

Sean does consulting and comprehensive strategizing for marketing departments of billion-dollar companies, and small local startups alike.

“The principles are the same, and they don’t change… they just become more true as the web continues to connect us all in deeper more real-time and intimate ways. You are what you publish, and the modern consumer’s BS meter as at an all-time high level of sophistication and sensitivity.” –Sean Burrows

Like all other forms of marketing, sales, and storytelling, Mr. Burrows asserts that content is important, but the context is paramount. His sole focus is to teach and facilitate the necessary steps to help business owners reach their potential on the balance sheet in and in longevity with their growing customer base.

“SEO isn’t the answer, and neither is Facebook. Social media agencies are going to sell you social media, SEO guys are going to sell you SEO, and billboard owners aren’t going to sell you ice cream!” –Sean Burrows

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