SEO Manager – Redirect deleted page URLs

As an EPiServer administrator I want to redirect URLs from a deleted page to an existing page in the page tree.

Welcome to this video about SEO Manager for EPiServer.
I’m going to show you how SEO Manager handles deleted pages. I will also show you how to redirect URLs from a deleted page to an existing page on the site.
I will start in the edit mode for my demo site and go to the page that I want to remove.
I will now delete the page.
When the page has been removed to the recycle bin, let’s move to the SEO Manager administration interface and see what has happened.
When we go to “Deleted pages” in SEO Manager the list shows the deleted page, but as you can see we can’t redirect the URLs to another page. That is because the deleted page is still in the recycle bin, so there is still a chance that the editor might want to restore it.
So, let’s go back to the recycle bin and empty it.
When we now go back to the “deleted pages” list we will be able to redirect the deleted page URLs.
I’ll start by clicking “Redirect”.
We will now specify where to redirect these URLs. In this case I want to redirect them to the old parent page of the deleted page, which in this case is the “company” page.
When I now click “Save” the SEO Manager has moved all URLs to the page I selected and the deleted page is therefore no longer on the list.
I can now go to the company page and see that the deleted pages URLs are marked as previous URLs. That means that if anyone requests these URLs they will be redirected to the master URL.
We can also look at the URL view for the “company” page in edit mode and see the information there.

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